Automatic processing of resumes (CVs)

Datex Recruit provides automatic processing of résumés (CVs) from Microsoft Word/OpenOffice documents, emails, or Web sites.

The available methods of importing résumés include

  • Quick import of a résumé from an email message currently opened in your email client, with a single click of an installed button (available for Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes).
  • Mass import of résumé from a mailbox (available for most email clients).
  • Quick import of a résumé selected on a Web page in your browser.
  • Import of résumé fromMicrosoft Word/OpenOffice files.

When importing from an email, a résumé may be either in message text or in attached document.

Regardless of the method used to import, Datex Recruit automatically extracts key information and puts it in appropriate fields in a candidate card. These fields include Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Phones, E-Mail, Address, Desired Salary.


Download the latest demo version of Datex Recruit Software - a hiring solution for staff recruiting agencies and human resource departments.

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