Automatic processing of resumes (CVs)

E-Staff provides automatic processing of résumés (CVs) from Microsoft Word/OpenOffice documents, emails, or Web sites.

The available methods of importing résumés include

  • Quick import of a résumé from an email message currently opened in your email client, with a single click of an installed button (available for Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes).
  • Mass import of résumé from a mailbox (available for most email clients).
  • Quick import of a résumé selected on a Web page in your browser.
  • Import of résumé fromMicrosoft Word/OpenOffice files.

When importing from an email, a résumé may be either in message text or in attached document.

Regardless of the method used to import, E-Staff automatically extracts key information and puts it in appropriate fields in a candidate card. These fields include Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Phones, E-Mail, Address, Desired Salary.


Download the latest demo version of E-Staff Recruitment Software - a hiring solution for staff recruiting agencies and human resource departments.

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