Managing Clients and Contacts

For staffing agencies, Datex recruitment software provides CRM functionality and allows clients, contacts, and events to be stored in a singe database. Clients can be categorized by industry, size, region, current working state, and other criteria. You can attach any number of documents and files to a client's card, with an ability to search their content by keywords.

A contact may be assigned a set of roles, allowing you to distinguish between consumers of your products or services and other technical contacts (legal, IT, etc.). Datex Recruit keeps records when a contact person moves from one company to another. Because there is  a single list of all persons in the system, a contact person may be considered a candidate at the same time.

All this functionality may also be used by HR departments to store external suppliers (service providers).


Download the latest demo version of Datex Recruit Software - a hiring solution for staff recruiting agencies and human resource departments.

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  • Organizational Structure
  • Vacancies
  • Resume (CV) Processing
  • Candidates
  • Events
  • Statistics

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